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Goverland Sur are fully in charge of the construction or renovation of your home, from the beginning to the end of the makeover, not only do they choose every little detail but also select all main materials used the way clients please. All our constructions and renovations are made in order to give you the home of your dreams.

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Goverland Sur S.L.
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Lands for sale. Investments

Purchase of lands and investments.

In Goverland Sur we have chosen for you a range of lands for sale to invest in. These investments could be used for the constructions of future homes. We choose the best location for the lands for your future home. Land purchases have increased since 2014, in which it has been spent the amount of 2,500 million Euros consisting of 15,900 transactions. The average price per square metre hence was established around 146 Euros. In Goverland Sur we give you guidance on the possibilities a piece of land for sale can have in the future with regards to construction (residential, commercial industrial) and the profitability the transaction can have. We provide you with the classification of the land given by the Council, which is the applicable urban regulation, municipal and supra-municipal regulation, usage regulation and the terms and conditions some lands may have, such as buildability, heights permitted, etc.